Human Resource Development: Impacts to the Organization

The scope of function of the HR department (人材育成)goes beyond hiring. They make decisions that impact the entire organization. It is, therefore, important to focus on human resource development if you want your employees to deliver their best at their respective tasks. By investing on HR, you will be able to reap your desired return of profits.

Compensation and Rewards

This is the most obvious aspect of human resource development. It involves developing ways to incentivize and provide rewards to your employees. When your employees are properly compensated, they will be happy. Happy employees are known o be more productive.

Candidate Selection

As mentioned above, the HR is responsible for screening applicants and potential employees of the company. You need to give proper training to your HR staff so they will be able to identify potential talents and skills that would benefit your organization.

Performance Management

This is the most crucial role of HR department: you need to train them to assess performance and identify ways in which they could be improved on. The skills and knowledge of your employees must be utilized to the fullest by giving timely performance evaluation.